Scotchtown Technology

Industry Solutions

While we work with companies in all types of industries, we find that our most frequently represented clients are in these key verticals. Using our subject matter expertise in our business—and our customers’—we have become their “go to network and cloud consultants”, providing best practices and superior results.

Key verticals

Law Firms

If there is one technology that continues to make major inroads in the legal world, it is networking. More than ever, law firms are turning to the latest networking technologies to more efficiently share files, communicate with clients, back up data, run payroll and much more. The right network solution—with fast, reliable high-bandwidth connections—can be critical to helping legal teams meet shortened timeframes for preparing and delivering case strategies.

Financial Services

Banks and other financial institutions do all they can to be as customer-centric as possible, making it easy for customers to complete transactions in a way that is convenient, seamless and personal. Whether the transaction takes place online, on mobile, in the branch, or at a kiosk, the right network delivers the bandwidth and flexibility that make it easy to implement these services today and adapt to the new services of tomorrow.


The goals of any healthcare organization today are the same as they have always been: enhancing and saving lives. But how those goals are achieved is changing dramatically as healthcare becomes more digital and IT-dependent and moves outside the four walls of the clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. Getting the right network is critical to these strategies.


Today’s media and entertainment industries are evolving case studies in the far-reaching effects of digital transformation. And it’s a transformation that is literally unfolding before our eyes. New streaming services. Rampant cord cutting. 4K. Virtual reality. Customized viewer advertising. Content is king. And so is delivering the right viewer experience. That’s why today’s media and entertainment companies are also investing in the network and cloud technologies needed to create and distribute content.


For today’s retailers, they are your most sought-after customers—buying in stores and online. Comparing prices and getting sales alerts on their smartphones. Shopping online/picking up in-store—and vice versa. This is the new world of retail. But in at least one respect it’s a lot like the old world: it’s still all about delivering the right customer experience. This is why it is so critical for today’s retailers to get their network and cloud strategies right.